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Extended Warranty


5 Years of Protection

means your music is covered.

Advance Replacement

means no hassle parts replacement.

Reduced Downtime

because we ship your player fast.

Low Cost

means less than $1 per month.

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Three Reasons to Extend Your Warranty


5 Years of Protection

The player comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. As a business, you will use the equipment much longer than that. Choosing the Extended Warranty provides an additional four years of protection for your business.

Low Cost

Less than $1 per month
We want your business protected. That is why we make the Extended Warranty so inexpensive. At less than a dollar a month, the Extended Warranty is a great value for your business. This is why the Extended Warranty is one of our most popular products.

Advance Replacement

Reduces Downtime
The Extended Warranty includes advance replacement, the limited manufacturer’s warranty does not.
  • The Extended Warranty includes Advance Replacement. Advance Replacement means that if your player breaks, we send you a new one immediately. This limits your downtime to a day or two. This is the best insurance policy you can buy to ensure your music stays up and running.
  • The limited manufacturer’s warranty does not provide advance replacement. If your player breaks, you must send it to us for testing and repair. We then receive in our lab and test it for defects. If it is defective, we send you a new one. If not, we send your original player back to you. Downtime can be up to two weeks or more.
Protect against downtime with the Extended Warranty.
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